2015 Powerpoint Presentations

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Steve BSteve Burd
Founder & CEO, Burd Health
Why We Should All Care About Healthcare
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Sue CSue Crotty
Senior VP & Consultant, The Marco Consulting Group
Defined-Benefit Plans: Future Considerations
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Michael KahnMichael Kahn Ph.D.
Founder & President, Institute on Public Pension Solutions
Defined-Benefit Plans and Wealth/Income Inequality
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John LaneJohn C. Lane
CIO, The Ohio State University
The Design of the #1 Performing U.S. Pension Plan (2002-2009)
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Russ NRussell M. Niemie
CIO, N.Y. State Nurses Association
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Ron P

Ron Peyton
Chairman & CEO, Callan Associates
Saving Public Defined-Benefit Plans: How Has Retirement Fared in America?
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